I would like to thank all of you who continue to dial up taethnenetwork for a visit.

You have probably noticed that I have not written and posted any articles lately. That’s because I have gone back to writing most of my thoughts on my original blog, tangiblethoughts.

Tangiblethoughts contains articles that pertain primarily to missional, church planting, organic/simple church, campus and international student ministry, and Reformed Theology issues. You’ll occasionally find an article about a current event or some random thought. (The other day I posted my 200th article in less than two years. Not many compared to many other blogs, but it was exciting for me.)

I’d like to invite you to continue searching taethnenetwork for articles of interest to you. I pray that the articles you find here have been, and will continue to be, interesting, encouraging, and profitable to you.

I would also like to invite you to bookmark my tangiblethoughts  blog and check in there regularly for my latest posts. My prayer is that they will prove to be both interesting and encouraging for you.

~ Blessings ~