I have recently read a book on evangelism entitled “Any-3: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime” by Mike Shipman. Shipman, a Church Planting Movement  Any 3 training specialist, shares how an “Any-3” approach to evangelism can prepare any Christian to be an effective witness of the Gospel of  Jesus Christ  to anyone – regardless of their religious background, anywhere we may encounter them, at any time.

The teaching on and insights into evangelism found in “Any-3” are drawn from Jesus’ encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well. We read of this encounter in the New Testament book of John 4:7-38.

I have written two posts about the Any-3 approach to evangelism on another blog.

The first post is simply entitled, “Any-3: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.”  The post addresses Mike’s teaching on how Jesus guided His conversation with the woman and how it resulted in her accepting Christ as her Savior.

  • He “connected” with the woman – He “established commonality”
  • He transitioned to a “God conversation,” a discussion of spiritual matters
  • He led her to realize her lostness, that she was a sinner
  • He proclaimed Himself to be the Messiah
  • He invited her to receive the Message

The second post on Any-3 is entitledI-5 Evangelism.” In this post, I share Shipman’s teaching on five characteristics that define Jesus’ evangelistic method.

  • Jesus was Intentional in all that He did
  • He was Informal in his relationships
  • His evangelistic style was Interactive
  • Jesus took the Initiative with people
  • He always Introduced the Messiah

I found Any-3 – its teaching, and its insights into the evangelistic ministry of Jesus – to be very encouraging and of great benefit as I desire to be a  consistent, faithful, and effective witness for Christ.

We are re-engaging Korean students at Texas A&M University in and through the start of a new mid-week Bible study that is a ministry of a local Korean congregation.

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