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I have recently finished the reading of Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s Or Ours? by Roland Allen. The book was written in 1912 and contains insights from the ministry of the Apostle Paul that are relevent for missions and cross-cultural ministry today.

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Nearly 200 people from more than 37 nations met in Delhi, India in November to discuss, report on, and pray about what the Lord is doing around the world to reach a lost humanity for Himself through house churches, house church networks, and house church movements.

The Summit’s Steering Group has produced a 14-page summary report of the meeting that I think you will enjoy reading if you are interested in organic, simple churches and house church movements.

The report includes: 

  1. Notes on keynote sessions that addressed topics such as Global Trends, Reaching the Unreached, and Involving the Whole Family in ministry
  2. Country reports
  3. Highlights of the Summit
  4. Benefits of the gathering

The paper also includes a contact email if you would like to receive “full collected papers and reports” of the Summit. I have requested the material and am looking forward to receiving, reading and praying through them.

You can read the Steering Group’s Report here.